The first International Workshop on Foundations and Techniques bringing together Free/Libre/Open Source Software and Formal Methods (FLOSS-FM 2008) will be held jointly with the second International Workshop on Foundations and Techniques for Open Source Software Certification (OpenCert 2008)


The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers from academia and industry who are broadly interested in the application of open source technologies and techniques to the Formal Methods world, and conversely, in developing formal methods for use in conjunction with open-source projects.

The FLOSS-FM workshop will treat themes which deal with the conjunction of open source software and Formal Methods in any way, such as the development of formal methods tools via or incorporating open source software, or formal methods aimed at open source, or models and techniques that treat of the two areas in synergy with each other.


Over the last decade, the importance of open source software has increased dramatically, some of the reasons behind the increase being:

Moreover, open source development brings novel sociological and economic advances, notably collaborative context and worth based on availability rather than exclusivity. Formal Methods developers have as much to gain as anyone from this changing socio-economic landscape.

Yet other characteristics of open source software - its pervasiveness, an unconventional development model, the permanent public availability of legacy code, rapid evolution, mean that

and thus open source software is not only an opportunity but also a challenge for Formal Methods practitioners.


Satellite event of OSS 2008, co-located with the IFIP WCC 2008 in the Milano Convention Centre, Milan, Italy.

Important Dates

23rd June 2008
Notification of Acceptance:
30th June 2008
Final version due:
7th July 2008
Date of workshop:
10th September 2008